TransferDisc Minifase

The most effective way of bevel coating. Highest precision in painting, simple operation by your staff, very short set-up time and a minimal paint consumption of only 0.5 litres make the SCHIELE TransferDisc System so very unique.

By using a special disc-tool, the sealing of the front edges on parquet panels can easily be implemented. The concept is used either on the cross machine or on all four sides of the panel. Intelligent solutions for your daily business – made by SCHIELE.

The TransferDisc-aggregate is part of the milling process in a flooring line. For the individual concepts SCHIELE also offers the required drying technology and conveying solution.

Even in the Furniture and Door industry the TransferDisc technology is deployed. The staining of cutted edges on veneer or the coating of bevels on doors can easily be integrated in the production process.

Glue down panels are the latest innovation in flooring. Easy to fit and easy to clean. But the manufacturing process of the highly flexible material can be a real challenge. With our concept for the milling and coating of the elements in combination with a sophisticated conveyor solution you will have new opportunities in designing your products.

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