UV, HIR, NIR Dryer

HIR, NIR, UV-Dryer - Curing technology with radiant power. Custom-fit solutions for our coating concepts. Each project is considered individually in order to design the curing technology in an exemplary manner. We attach great importance to space-saving design. Your curing should not be a bottleneck, but a showpiece.


In a modern flooring production concept rapidness and precision are decisively for its success. By using the highly efficient drying technologies HIR and NIR, waterbased paint can be cured within seconds. Depending on the available space, the feeding speed and the energy costs, either HIR or NIR-technique is deployed.


Elongated workpieces

For the curing and drying of elongated workpieces, such as mouldings, boards, I-beams, wooden window elements, tubes or PVC-profiles, SCHIELE offers tailor-made solutions. The curing / drying can be connected to the coating unit to finish the product in one pass. If the production process requires a Stand-alone-solution – No problem at all!

UV Dryer Schiele


SCHIELE’s knowledge in edge treatment and its requirements is based on the experiences collected in the flooring and furniture industry in many, many years. Curing technology for UV-100% or waterbased paint on edges – reliable and smart, “Made in Germany”.

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