The professional for the hard cases. With its 8 or optionally 10 brushes, the EVO is ideally equipped to coat large cross-sections and solid workpieces safely and reliably. Glulam beams, solid wood beams, but also board material belong to its range of applications. Integrated into a production line, the EVO shows all its capabilities.


Completely made of stainless steel, the EVO is easy to clean. All drive elements are external and protected against corrosion. The brush drive is not installed in the floor area, but at the side and on top. Thus, no medium penetrates the drive mechanism during continuous operation.

Special flood nozzles ensure ideal saturation of all hard and soft wood areas. The 6, 8 or 10 driven brushes work the coating medium carefully and evenly into the surface. The filtered material is returned to the circuit. Easy on the wallet.

Suitable for

Water-based impregnation media, salts, oils, stains and thin-layer varnishes, as well as solvent-containing materials with a viscosity of max 25 sec. DIN 4 jar.

Technical data

Rate of Feed10-60 m/min.
Electrical data400 V, 3 phases 50 Hz
Compressed air600 l/min. at 6 bar
Electrical input (max)1.95 kW
Length of basic machine2910 mm
Weight of basic machine1210 kg / 1860 kg
Working height815 mm
Guiding railon the right
Flash point of the application mediaabove 55°C (no EX-protection!)
Workpiece width (max.)up to 300 mm
Workpiece height (max.)up to 300/500 mm
Workpiece length (min.)from 1,000 mm
Brushes6, 8 or 10

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