Precision engineer tools. When accuracy and small tolerances are required – then the time of the VACUMAT ProfileCoat has come. Its diversity allows the coating of specified areas straight to the point. Online or offline – the entire surface solutions made by Schiele.

Individual system concepts enable profile and coating changes within a few minutes. Your profiles can be order-related coated and thereby present the opportunity to react towards individual client wishes in a fast and flexible manner.

Scope of application

  • PVC profiles
  • Plastic profiles
  • EPDM profiles and rubbers
  • Metal profiles made out of aluminium, metal sheets etc.
  • All lengthwise directed workpieces or strand cast products that need to be coated within a production process

Performance features

  • Even coating of sections in one pass, especially for complex geometries.
  • A procedure without waste and overspray that ensures reduced unit costs.
  • A sophisticated matrix system that allows fast profile changes. If needed the entire production line can be converted within a few minutes at the touch of a button.
    If necessary, the entire line can be converted within minutes at the push of a button.
  • The VACUMAT ProfileCoat® is equipped with a special internal coating. In combination with a dewpoint-controlled cooling system, the cleaning time is considerably reduced. Frequent colour changes can be executed fast.
  • Self-sufficient coating management controls processing parameters and intervenes when needed to ensure optimal conditions.
  • The entire surface concept is designed by Schiele and aims to meet your requirements.
  • Applicable as a separate coating station both online and offline.
  • With the help of special masking tools, specific sections are handled exclusively.
  • Brilliant surfaces. Layer thicknesses from 10 to 200g/m², depending on the coating system.
  • Diverse coating media are applicable, for instance, water-based coating material, UV 100% coating or water-UV coating.
  • Process technology by Schiele’s founder of the VACUMAT technology – safe and reliable
  • High production safety. The VACUMAT® is designed to run 24 hours during continuous operation.

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