The door opener for door and frame components.

When handling tricky special applications for the door industry, the VACUMAT FutureCoat can reveal its full potential. The clever system masters the complex challenges of coating jambs and casings of interior doors.

Combined with a grinding machine and Schiele’s UV Dryer, the VACUMAT FutureCoat represents an effective concept.

Scope of application

  • Coating of jambs and interior doors with 100% UV
  • Special applications for the door and furniture industries

Performance features

  • Even edge coating with clean tear-off edges.
  • A procedure without waste and overspray that ensures reduced unit costs.
  • A “VARIO” type prevents tool changes as different widths of a workpiece type can be processed with a single tool.
  • Self-sufficient coating management controls processing parameters and intervenes when needed to ensure optimal conditions.
  • High efficiency. In combination with a sanding machine and Schiele’s UV dryer, your product can be perfectly coated within a few minutes.
  • Customising of material tolerances are potentially possible.
  • Process technology by Schiele’s founder of the VACUMAT technology – safe and reliable
  • High production safety. The VACUMAT® is designed to run 24 hours during continuous operation.

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