Option A: We seal your products.

Sealing of MDF flooring elements with paraffin ensures that the swelling is reduced to its minimum. This in return adds value to your flooring and assures your client that a fallen-down vase is no tragedy.

When integrated into a production line, the LaminateCoat seals exactly the MDF click-profile.

Scope of application

Edge sealing of MDF flooring panels

Performance features

  • Even edge coating.
  • A procedure without waste and overspray that ensures reduced unit costs.
  • A sophisticated quick-change system that allows fast tool changes.
  • A unique separation system prevents the spreading of wax or oil particles into the environment.
  • Self-sufficient coating management controls processing parameters and intervenes when needed to ensure optimal conditions.
  • High efficiency. Depending on the workpiece, a feed speed of up to 200 m/minute can be achieved.
  • The basic machine has a compact and space-saving design.
  • Customising of material tolerances are potentially possible.
  • Process technology by Schiele’s founder of the VACUMAT technology – safe and reliable
  • High production safety. The VACUMAT® is designed to run 24 hours during continuous operation.

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